Panasonic lands big camera contract for Olympics

Everyone knew there would be lots of cameras going up for the 2008 Beijing Olympics -- it was just a question of who would land that business. Apparently Panasonic was one of the big winners in the surveillance bids for the 2008 Summer Olympics; the company will see 2,000 of its surveillance cameras deployed at venues for the games.

Panasonic brings a long history of partnership with the Olympic Games, starting with the 1988 Olympics, which saw the winter games held in Calgary and the summer games held in Seoul, South Korea. Panasonic has been an Official Worldwide Olympic Partner since that year as an A/V equipment provider. The company expanded that partnership with the Olympics into security solutions for the 2006 Winter Games in Torino, Italy, and has been a partner on security ever since.

Panasonic reports that its Super Dynamic III color PTZ surveillance cameras will be part of its solutions used at Olympics venues in Beijing, including the International Broadcasting Centre and Fencing Hall at the National Convention Center, as well as the Laoshan Velodrome in Beijing and Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium in Tianjin City, China.