Asda opts for Cinario to run store security

Asda is using software from Cinario to integrate and manage all of its security systems running in a range of its stores.

The software allows Asda to control and monitor security equipment - such as CCTV, intruder alarms and electronic article surveillance devices - remotely through a series of loss-prevention dashboards.

Since March last year, Asda has rolled out the system to 85 stores, after a successful trial in four stores in 2006.

The system is being used in stores; by its corporate security team; and up to executive level. Cinario chief executive Charlie Sherlock said that about 250 staff are signing into the system each week.

He is hopeful that the change in behaviour that the system has brought about, as well as the cost savings it provides, will allow Asda to create a case for rolling the system out to its entire estate.

However, the integration of the different security systems will take considerable time and money, so could not be completed until 2009.