'$80,000 light bulb' security dispute settled

An Arizona woman and the homeowners association in her Scottsdale neighborhood have settled a dispute that became known as the "$80,000 light bulb" case.

But the neighbors who complained about Sandra Shelton's security lights are not happy. They put their house in the Scottsdale Mountain Community on the market Friday.

"Staying here is not an option," Joe Reichbach told The Arizona Republic. "The light is troublesome, is a nuisance and still disturbs our sleep."

Under the agreement, Shelton can keep her lights and will not have to pay $30,000 in fines to the association. She has already paid $50,000 for legal assistance during the two-year fight.

Shelton, a widow, said that she upgraded her security system because her daughter was being stalked, adding motion sensors, a camera, an alarm system and a third security light. The Reichbachs complained that the light shone into their bedroom, while the neighborhood association said it had been installed without authorization.