Speco Technologies revamps online technical FAQs

Faced with hundreds of calls coming in daily on technical basics, video surveillance products manufacturer Speco Technologies has developed an online video reference tool with Speco's Director of National Accounts Jim Pascale.

Don't expect an elaborate marketing production; the videos are delivered in a straightforward "how-to" format. You can expect to find Jim Pascale in a training room covering each step of common DVR and camera topics. The current video archive covers such topics as burning a CD of video evidence or copying the video evidence to a USB thumb drive; setting up and trouble-shooting motion detection; DVR playback functions; and essential camera function definitions like lux, lens types and resolution.

You can find this information along with the FAQs (frequently asked questions) at www.specotech.com/reference -- the video is included under the "Ask Jim-e!" link, and you can also find Pascale's email address linked so that you can address questions directly to Pascale and the Speco staff.