GE Security explosives detectors purchased by Abu Dhabi International Airport

GE Security Inc, a supplier of security and life safety technologies and a business unit of General Electric Company, announced on Thursday (28 February) that the company's Homeland Protection business has sold and delivered two CTX 9000 DSi, the company's advanced technology explosives detection systems, to Abu Dhabi International Airport.

GE said that the CTX 9000s at Abu Dhabi International Airport will provide real-time explosives detection capability and offer the potential for lower false alarm rates. These are expected to translate to lower operational costs as a result of a reduction in bag diversions for manual screening.

The CTX 9000 is integrated with the baggage handling system (BHS), and as a result checked bags can proceed smoothly from passenger check-in to sorting, speeding overall system throughput, which can help reduce the customer's per-bag screening cost and improve flow while also expediting the screening process.

Financial details of the purchase were not disclosed.