Center Harbor, N.H., approves alarm ordinance

The selectmen of Center Harbor, N.H., recently approved an alarm ordinance; it adds fines for false alarms.

The new ordinance stipulates that the first three false alarms (either fire or burglar alarms) are not fined, but any additional false alarms are fined $100 for the fourth false call, and $200 for each additional false alarm. After the sixth false alarm, the system can be ordered to be disconnected unless the alarm services provider can provide reasoning for not disconnecting the alarm.

The ordinance also denies any "direct-dial" alarm systems that call the police directly (rather than the alarm monitoring services provider), and requires that system purchasers or installers obtain permission from the police or fire departments before installing a system.

For fire alarms, the ordinance also requires a lock box with a key to the building be available to responders. That requirement becomes effective in August 2008.