Singapore museum uses IP video

Nextan, a systems integrator in Singapore, recently completed a project with the NUS Museum in Singapore to deploy 50-network video channels of surveillance.

The museum, officially known as the National University of Singapore (NUS) Museums, was founded in 1997 and houses a number of collections and galleries. The museum already had in place some analog video equipment, and they turned to Nextan to deploy a solution from equipment company ACTi that would use both network cameras and video servers (a.k.a., video encoders) for the existing cameras.

According to the end-user, image quality was of concern, and they wanted to improve over the existing DVR-based system. The museum's video surveillance solution included four ACTi SED-2610's (8-channel video servers) and 10 ACM-3311's (IR IP fixed dome cameras). The surveillance equipment was used around the museum, from the entrance to exhibition rooms and other spaces of interest. The video was sent back to the control where it was recorded and managed on the 64-channel ACTi NVR system.

Sean Tean, sales director for the project's integrator, Nextan, said that IP video was "the best choice for the museum."