EVT video management system to support ioimage

EVT and ioimage have partnered for technology integration. The companies reported this week that EVT's video management system, Vertex, will allow for ioimage's analytics appliances to be fully integrated.

The move allows devices like ioimage's video encoders and cameras (which feature built-in video analytics) to be operated from within the EVT Vertex video management solution. The Vertex system from EVT has traditionally been used for enterprise installations and government facilities.

According to Oren Feldmann, the vice president of marketing and sales for EVT, the company was finding customers asking for the ability to integrated video analytics into the video security management systems. Feldmann said the integration partnership "provides our customers with a choice of powerful video analytics solutions."

Dvir Doron, vice president of marketing for ioimage, said the collaboration with EVT was "another validation for our vision of an open integration platform," and he said that openness was being pushed in part by interest in analytics.

"We see growing demand from the market for easier integration of video analytics to the already existing range of middleware solutions," said Doron, "and we believe intelligent edge devices with built-in analytics offer customers the optimal flexibility in tailoring solutions in a 'mix-and-match'."