Crime stats drop at Chicago universities

Despite decrease in incidents, high anxieties remain

NU's SafeRide and Loyola's 8-Ride programs serve as free cab rides to and from campus, and Loyola has just opened an off-campus safety outpost at the Granville Red Line stop.

"It's never okay to be vulnerable," Roberts said.

Students believe the measures work, but preventing crime is largely an individual effort.

"I've always made it a policy not to leave my house at 1:30 in the morning," said UChicago junior Smitha Nagaraja. "As long as you play it safe, I don't think it's a legitimate risk all of the time."

And if students do encounter trouble, their immediate reaction should be to call the police, Elliot said.

"We're not asking people to put themselves in danger by challenging people," he said. "But if something doesn't feel right to you, go by your gut."

(C) 2008 Daily Northwestern via U-WIRE