Motorola shares soar on possible breakup

Company considers focusing on core technologies, potentially exiting cell phone business

He said they are necessary to "help insure that the board moves aggressively" on its "long-overdue" strategy to separate the phone unit from its other businesses. Those businesses are enterprise mobility solutions, which makes public-safety radios and bar-code scanners, and home and network mobility, which makes cable television equipment and gear for cell phone carriers.

Icahn said he hopes Motorola will avoid a proxy fight by accepting his candidates for the board.

He said later in an interview with CNBC that "they have to really mean what they say and ... the board has to really do what they're saying they're going to do. They have to take the handheld business away from the management team and the rest of the company."

Motorola said it was reviewing Icahn's proposal.


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