Cisco's Beliles joins Hirsch Electronics

Cisco's physical security business unit has seen a loss of core talent in the last week. First , video analytics firm Agent Vi grabbed Cisco's Mark Kolar, and now Hirsch Electronics has picked up Bob Beliles, who was co-founded of the physical security unit within Cisco.

Beliles joins access control firm Hirsch Electronics as vice president of enterprise business development, bringing 11 years of marketing and management experience from Cisco, where he also worked with enterprise-level customers.

Although industry analyst Steve Hunt of 4A International called Hirsch "a closed system in many ways", he did say that the company's platform had XML interfaces and APIs that can help "link the physical security system with human resources systems, directory services, video systems, external watch lists, provisioning systems, command and control, and information security."

Beliles said he was attracted to "Hirsch's early leadership in adopting technologies, such as XML and encrypted end-point communications, which demonstrates that Hirsch is at the forefront of this next wave of convergence.