Edge Integration Systems changes name

With too many other companies using the word "Edge" in their marketing, including Edge's partner HID Global, Edge Integration Systems has "reached" for another name.

They're now renamed as Reach Systems, and apparently the only thing that has changed is the name. Staff, products, office locations and company ownership remain the same.

Reach Systems is now on the web at www.reachsystems.com and is in the process of renaming key product lines that used the "Edge" moniker, including the flagship Edge ACS access control system. The company web-hosted software platform was formerly known as EdgeWeb, but is now being rebranded as ReachNet.

HID Global has heavily used the "Edge" brand in the last year, notably with their "Edge" readers that use Ethernet connectivity as the access control industry quickly parallels the push to take modules and readers into an IP-driven direction.

ReachSystems reports that all previously used web addresses and employee emails will automatically forward to the new domains.