Vidient names new CEO

A year after Vidient founder Brooks McChesney was replaced in the CEO-President position by Steven Goldberg, the company is making another executive management shift.

Announced today was the news that Goldberg has been replaced by Frank Pao, who had formerly worked with data mining/enterprise search software firm Verity Inc. as president and COO. Pao is reported to have a decade of executive management experience spanning private and public firms, and his previous employers include video management software company Virage and Autonomy, an information management software company which acquired Virage.

The chair of Vidient's board of directors (and former CEO of InVision Technologies) Sergio Magistri said Pao's appointment made sense for the company from a technology standpoint.

"One of the primary challenges in video analytics is managing large amounts of information while automatically identifying customer specific video information to add value to business whether for safety, security or day-to-day operations," said Magistri.

According to Pao, the move coincides with an expansion of possibilities for video analytics, perhaps beyond traditional security applications. "The era of broad video analytics use is just beginning," said Pao. The company's solutions have previously seen primary adoption by transit and air transportation facilities, including a number of regional and international U.S. airports.