SECURITY Dealer celebrates 30 years with new name

Cygnus Business Media announced today that in 2008 the leading burglar and fire alarm industry magazine will add Integrator to its title, becoming SECURITY Dealer & Integrator. Reaching the audience of security systems integrators and installers, the trade magazine is well-known as one of the longest running publications in the market, respected for its consistent focus on the technologies, trends and challenges affecting the industry.

"The security dealer three decades ago served their customers by providing equipment to fulfill a need," says Publisher Peter Harlick. "Today, that same dealer has several options on how security equipment can be integrated into a total turnkey solution. As the leading magazine serving dealers, reporting on security integration is vital to our readers as we plan a more enhanced focus beginning in 2008. For example, we'll continue to go out to the field and bring back information on applications and installations and present more 'how-to' information our readers can use to establish best practices," Harlick adds.

In 1972 at the launch of the publication (the magazine went monthly in 1978, hence the 30 years celebration for 2008), security dealers were selling and installing what today is considered basic alarm devices consisting of a control panel most often connected to a hardwired, dedicated phone line or digital dialer. Higher-end models that included video were generally used only by commercial or in very expensive protected premises. Today, the cost for a system is much more competitive. Connection to a monitoring company can be done wirelessly or via the computer. What's more, homeowners can now remotely monitor their security on the PDA or other mobile devices.

"Our readers are also focused on the long-term options and benefits of installing systems for recurring monthly revenue (RMR)," says Editor Deborah L. O'Mara. "Products have more speed to market because of the need and necessity to solve an issue of security and our readers look to our magazine to provide up-to-the-minute information that their competitors are receiving. It is important to help make our reader base relevant and crucial to the market they serve and we understand the responsibility SECURITY Dealer & Integrator has to the industry."

According to the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA), Irving, Texas, the market for electronic security alarms and related products is projected to increase 3.8 percent per year through 2010 to $4.6 billion. Worldwide, security products and services are a multi-billion-dollar market.

SECURITY Dealer & Integrator provides critical reporting that addresses market shifts in all sectors of residential, commercial, industrial, government and other key vertical markets to more than 25,000 subscribers monthly. The magazine is widely recognized by installers and integrators in the field for brass-tacks editorial content that helps them do business better.

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More background on the history of SECURITY Dealer & Integrator magazine can be found in Publisher Peter Harlick's Jan. 2008 magazine column.