Bosch V.P. heads to Brijot

One of Bosch Security's top names, Leon Chlimper, who was vice president at the firm, has left to join Brijot Imaging Systems, a Florida-based firm that develops specialized imaging systems.

Brijot Imaging Systems's passive millimeter wave technology can see through clothes to recognize weapons and dangerous objects. Chlimper comes aboard Brijot to market and sell this technology, earning the title of Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing.

With over 13 years in the security industry, Chlimper is best known for heading Bosch's sales efforts in the security field, and is known for being able to spearhead both national and international-level marketing.

In an announcement of the new position, Chlimper said he was enthused to work on taking Brijot to an industry leading position.