With new alarm registration requirement comes headaches

Security alarm registrations are cascading into the Marietta Police Department as the city moves into its second month of collecting information on home and business security systems.

But the response has produced problems that are flooding police with additional work.

The city has received more than 4,700 registration forms, according to Officer Mike Carlson. But less than half have come from alarm system owners who actually live or run a business in the city, and it has been up to Carlson to check addresses and discard the registrations that are outside the city.

"It's been a headache," Carlson said.

The broad Marietta ZIP codes, which extend far beyond city limits, could be partly to blame for bringing in registrations from other cities and from unincorporated Cobb County.

"We've gotten them from Smyrna, Powder Springs. People just see that they have to register their alarm and they go online or send in the form," Carlson said.

To register online in Marietta or to download the form, go to the www.mariettaga.gov website.

Marietta is the only city in Cobb at this point that requires alarm registration, and it is free. Cobb is about to impose a registration that could carry a $10 fee.