AvaLAN Wireless lands distribution deals

AvaLAN Wireless, a company known in the security industry for its products that allow for high-data-rate wireless Ethernet connections, is expanding its distribution network.

The California company announced today that it has landed three new North American distributors and nine international distributors for its products, which include line-of-sight and non-line-of-site point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Ethernet communications using the 900Mhz and 5.8Ghz bands. Notable for the surveillance industry, the company has offered camera enclosures that are integrated with a 900Mhz radio. The 900Mhz systems are typically used for non-line-of-sight applications, while the 5.8Ghz are designed for those direct, line-of-sight transmissions.

In North America, the company has recently lined up with GraybaR, Accu-Tech and Dotworkz, giving the product vendor 15 distributors in North America.

Internationally, the company, now has also established distribution relationships in Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, France, India, Ivory Cost, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, and Zimbabwe.