Proximex joins Sony security program

Proximex, which launched its own partner solution program in December, is actively working to integrate with other security technology providers. At the same time the company announced it's partner program on Dec. 1, the company also announced it was focusing on tying in with NEC's servers.

Today the company takes the partnerships with other vendors an additional step forward, announcing that it has joined the Sony Security Solution Affiliate (SSA) program. At the core of that affiliate program, it means that Proximex's Surveillint physical security information management system will be able to tie in greater with Sony's new IPELA technology.

In a corporate announcement of the tie-in with Sony's security group, Proximex CEO Jack Smith said that the IPELA technology from Sony will work well with tracking solutions in the Surveillint system.

"Proximex Surveillint and Sony's IPELA security product line give customers a turnkey solution for leveraging existing LAN infrastructures while providing accurate and real-time video security in one command center," said Smith. "The high quality video images Sony products provide coupled with the unparalleled ability of Surveillint to track suspects allows customers to view and respond to security incidents right away."

The Sony IPELA system is Sony's main foray into networked video surveillance, and is designed to run over the business network. In the Sony IPELA product line are both the cameras as well as the recording devices.