San Fran Bay Area Firms Tap the Deep Draw of Homeland Security Market

A4, SafeView others grow like crazy as security explodes into a multi-billion industry

What's the bad news? Most experts agree that new technology is being developed rapidly, but not being deployed enough. The current technology "is inadequate to the job," said Duron Pely, vice president at Homeland Security Research Corp. "This market is in transition from existing technology that is mediocre at best to (something) more developed."

The Homeland Security Research Corp. estimates the U.S. homeland security market will grow from $23 billion this year to $43 billion by 2009.

"People should feel good we've made progress," Cavanaugh, of GE Security, said. "We've made day to day life safer. (But) we could always be safer and we're going to work very hard to make it safer."

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