Biometrics 2000 Corporation Launches BioSTouch Fingerprint Recognition

Biometrics 2000 Corporation officially launched its BioSTouch, an addition to the BioTouch fingerprint recognition product line. Biometrics 2000's BioSTouch incorporates an improved BioTouch fingerprint recognition engine using a fast 32 bit RISC/DSP processor. New hardware improvements to the biometric core, an addition of a rugged stainless steel outer shell and the integration of a tough Barantec keypad make the BioSTouch Biometrics 2000's most advanced product for fingerprint access control. Biometrics 2000 also offers a very fast 1-to-many-user search function on the BioSTouch. The search function is tested to search 220 users in up to 2 seconds or less. Other than access control, the BioSTouch is also designed to collect user time logs and display time on its large LCD screen for Time and Attendance applications. Among the expected users of this system will be those seeking Time and Attendance. Biometrics 2000's BioTouch product line is designed to eliminate employee ``Buddy Punching'' and provide employee tracking, thus greatly reducing losses to any company that uses the BioTouch system.

``The addition of the BioSTouch to the BioTouch product line makes the product family well balanced. Access control providers can now offer a unit for external use that withstands a good amount of vandalism. Our BioTouch systems are wonderful, now one can use our systems for access control and at the same time use the entry information to generate an accurate payroll,'' said Robert Encarnacion, Sr. Biometrics Project Manager.

The BioSTouch is in production and is available through Biometrics 2000's sales and distribution channels. Joe Turek, President and CEO, states, ``The BioTouch core is solid in performance. The release of the BioSTouch shows that we don't only care about what's running on the inside but that we also care about maintaining reliability in our products. As you can see, the BioTouch product line is frequently updated with what the industry needs in fingerprint access control and time and attendance.''