Consortium Proposes Unified Smart Card Authentication for Wireless Networks

The WLAN Smart Card Consortium has endorsed a new EAP-SC authentication type to serve as a unified secure point of entry for all IP wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, WiMAX and Wi-Mobile, and their interconnect (IEEE 802.11, 802.16, 802.20 and 802.21).

The new authentication type provides wireless clients as diverse as handsets, PDAs, PCs and other embedded systems with a unique way to access standard TLS authentication in a tamper proof form factor.

Additionally, the new EAP-SC type also offers access to GSM and 3G universal mobile standards with SIM and USIM authentication schemes. Taken together, the components of EAP-SC define the entrance into valued information networks, uniformly and in concert with the bearer.

"With one billion units sold each year, the smart card is the de facto standard for the networking world, and its entry into the emerging EAP standard of wireless access is the unifying proposition that the industry has been waiting for," said Guy Pujolle, Chairman of the WLAN Smart Card Consortium's Technical Committee.

The IETF Internet-Draft Proposal is available at