Biometric Method for Controlling Access to a Sensitive Area

Pub. Number EP 1468406
Appl. Data EP 03709900 2003 01 23
Applicant I.E.R.
Inventor(s) BOUILLON, Jacques

PARTICULARLY A TRANSPORT DEVICE, BY BIOMETRIC VERIFICATION Abstract A method for controlling access to a sensitive area, particularly a transport device, wherein a person wishing to access a sensitive area is requested to provide personal, the personal data is written (100) onto a card (300), the card (300) is issued or returned to said person, and the personal data provided by the person showing said card is compared (200) with the personal data written onto the card (300) at the moment of access to the sensitive area in order to ensure that the person is authorized to use said card. The inventive method comprises two biometric collection steps (120, 220) which are carried out directly on said person. One step is performed prior to issuing or returning the card (300) and the other is performed at the moment of access to the sensitive area. The biometric data collected at the point of access to the sensitive area (200) corresponds to the data which is compared to the data on the card (300). The invention is characterized in that the biometric data is written at least partially onto the card (300), using a method which does not involve any graphic manifestation (310).