Honeywell and HID Expand Access Control Partnership

On Monday, Honeywell and HID announced that the companies had signed a formal agreement to expand the two companies' partnership in the access control market.

The agreement states that HID is to provide Honeywell with cards and card reader products, and in turn, Honeywell will design and develop a variety of new products using HID's iClass technology.

Since the late 1990s, HID and Honeywell have been in a partnership that merged the companies' efforts to provide 125 Khz prox card technologies, and the newest agreement will license more HID technology to Honeywell, including the OmniProx line, low-frequency products, and the newer high-frequency (13.56 Mhz) iClass contactless smart cards and readers.

"This is a partnership that has been successful in the past, and we know it can work even better in the future," said Terry Neely, vice president of Engineering for Honeywell Access Control Systems, in a prepared statement on Monday. "Through this agreement, both companies will work together to bring a better product to the marketplace."