Cranbury Board of Education Adds Video Surveillance, Access Control

The Cranbury (N.J.) Board of Education has approved additional security measures at the Cranbury School. In a vote held on Tuesday, April 12, 2005, the board voted to approve electronic access control using card readers and electronically locked doors, as well as surveillance cameras.

The school has chosen IDenticard's IDentiPASS access control system for the facility's doors, and according to reports, the system will not only be used for access control, but also for time and attendance of faculty and staff members. The IDentiPASS system allows for different access levels, such that some cards will only open specific doors. In addition, the school is designing the system such that some of the doors will be set up for "exit only" usage.

For the camera systems, the Cranbury Board of Education approved purchase of Integral Technologies' DVXi system. The school will use 32 cameras, running 24/7, and will be able to record up to six weeks of surveillance video. According to a report in The Cranbury (N.J.) Press newspaper, the bulk of the cameras (30) will be used inside the school pointed at hallways and entranceways, while the other two cameras will be outside to monitor an external entrance to a storage room and the school's dumpster.