Optex Spins off Automatic Door Sensor Subsidiary

Optex Inc., a subsidiary company of Optex Co. Ltd. Japan, has formed a spin-off company in the automatic door industry. The new company, which is in operation now, will be known as Optex Technologies Inc.

Optex Technologies will be a subsidiary of Optex Co. Ltd Japan, but the subsidiary will be solely focused on providing sensors to the automatic door industry. Company officers include CEO Rob Blair, Vice President Nori Ueda and Director of Sales Jacques Vaarre. All three corporate officers were previously with Optex Inc.

Current automatic door sensor customers of Optex Inc. will find the same products and service from the new company Optex Technologies Inc. as were offered from Optex Inc.

A company news release said that the new door sensor subsidiary will be focused on a "core structure" of the following:

  • A commitment to provide products and services custom tailored to the North American market.
  • Providing a full service technical department.
  • Providing a full service AAADM training facility.