Incheon Airport to Adopt Biometrics Security System for Access Control

A biometrics system will be adopted at Incheon International Airport from September to tighten security.

The Incheon International Airport Corporation said on Wednesday that it has decided to introduce the high-tech security system at 10 places where much stricter security is needed.

The areas the biometrics system will be set up will include customs, immigration, quarantine, arrival and departure, government offices and offices of companies such as airlines and duty free shop operators.

The biometrics system is composed of two types: fingerprint identification and hand vascular pattern identification.

``We referred the system to the Ministry of Information and Communication, and tested four types of biometrics identification using fingerprints, the face, the hand vascular pattern and the iris, from Jan. 6 to Feb. 4,'' Shin Ju-young, head of the authority's security operation team, said.

The corporation selected fingerprint and hand vascular pattern identifications, the two most reliable systems proven at the test. It is currently establishing the system and will start the test run in September for one year.

Officials and staff working at the security areas currently gain access to the areas with security cards using a radio frequency.

``The biometrics system is expected to strengthen control of people's movements in and out of the security areas as well as eliminate problems such as when guards lose their security cards,'' Shin said.

In Korea, some government agencies and research institutes have adopted biometrics systems.

``Only a few airports in foreign countries have biometrics systems. The high-tech system will help Incheon become a hub airport in Northeast Asia,'' Shin said.