Bosch Security Acquires Singapore's ADC Technologies

Bosch Security Systems has landed a purchase out of Singapore. The company announced that it has acquired Singapore's ADC Technologies International, which also has offices in Malaysia and China.

ADC Technologies International has been making access control equipment and security system management solutions since 1986. In 2004 the company was reported to have had 133 employees and saw sales of $6.5 million EUR.

ADC will be added to Bosch's Asia-Pacific division, where the company already has 26 offices across 15 countries for a total of 750 employees. Bosch has said that it would not expect layoffs of ADC staff due to the acquisition.

"With this acquisition, we will bring cutting edge technology, innovative products and competency in project support to satisfy the present and future needs of our customers in Asia," said Philippe Huinck, vice president, Bosch Security Systems Asia Pacific in a statement on Monday. "We will continue our strategy of working through our distribution partners in Asia. Next to that, in Singapore, we will also do project design, installation and maintenance services to support and expand the existing ADC customers base."

Accoring to Huinck, Bosch will fully integrate ADC's operations into its existing operations, and the ADC brand will be slowly replaced by the Bosch brand as time progresses. The closing of this agreement, for which the price was not disclosed, is expected to occur in September 2005.