Compass Technologies Forms Partnership with WebEyeAlert

In what has become a fairly common trend in the industry, Compass Technologies and WebEyeAlert are working together to integrate video and access control.

The companies announced that they will be combining Compass Technologies' access control and security systems management applications with WebeEyeAlert's IP-based surveillance and monitoring applications.

As part of the process, WebEyeAlert's DVR and NVR systems will be designed to seamless connect with the Compass console for access control events, so that video and access control are correlated.

According to Bill Agudelo, senior vice president and division manager for WebEyeAlert, the integration of the two systems will be especially focused for implementation at schools, correctional facilities, healthcare operations, transportation centers, and corporate facilities.

"In the marketplace today, integration is extremely popular," notes Jerry Cordasco, the vice president at Compass Technologies. "As importantly, Compass' approach with WebEyeAlert is more than technical integration. It is a go to market business partnership that identifies specific target vertical markets. WebEyeAlert shares our philosophy offering the highest quality products and outstanding service, which distinguishes us from the competition. Both Compass and WebEyeAlert are confident this strategic partnership will pay dividends for all concerned."