NexWatch Now Honeywell Integrated Security after Name Change

After completing its "Voice of the Customer" research, Honeywell is deep-sixing NexWatch ... well, just the brand. The company found that end user customers and systems integrators preferred to be affiliated with the international name of Honeywell, so the company is serving them what they are asking for -- a new name for NexWatch.

So it's NexWatch no more; just replace that with Honeywell Authorized Security Integrators. According to the company, it's part of a change that reflects a widening scope of security solutions for the former NexWatch network.

"Our customers are moving beyond just access control to providing a whole, integrated approach to security," said John Lorenty, president of Honeywell Access Systems, in a statement announcing the name update. "We feel that by adopting the name Honeywell Integrated Security, we will exemplify what we are doing already with our products and services in delivering integrated security solutions."

In announcing the name change, Honeywell noted that platforms like the Pro-Watch system and other characteristic NexWatch systems will still continue to be part of the offerings of the Honeywell Authorized Security Integrators network.

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