Completed in 2003, $19M State Hospital Held up over Security, Construction

Problems with security fence, fire system hold up opening of hospital for mentally ill

LPS Vice President Terry Fletcher said, "We kind of find that really confusing to us, because we haven't had any correspondence from GSFIC about ceiling problems or other problems. They can't show us anything in writing that we have not responded to and sent people up to check on." He said several of his letters to GSFIC asking for more information have gone unanswered.

He and LPS President Wallace Wiggins acknowledged there were some problems with the construction, and say they addressed all the problems that were brought to their attention. But they said the real problem seems to be that DHR is not happy with the design.

"All we understand is we were required to build the job per our contract, which we did," Fletcher said. "If GSFIC didn't direct us to build it the way DHR wanted that's not LPS's fault. ... We fulfilled our contract."

Abraham said the legal process of collecting the bond is lengthy and the outcome uncertain.

In the meantime, she said, the state will try to fix all the problems.

"We think we could probably fix the remaining problems within about six months," Abraham said. But she cautioned, "In the past, every time we thought were close to finding a light at the end of the tunnel we literally opened up the building and found a new problem."

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