Is Access Control Ready to Take Control?

Access control is big. And it's going to get bigger.

That's the gist of a new market survey from market research firm RNCOS. The RNCOS survey released this week puts the current U.S. access control systems market at $768.5 million, with a worldwide total sales expected to cross the $1.7 billion mark by the end of this year.

The survey further predicts strong growth ahead in the access control market, with estimates of an annual average growth rate of 10.2 to 36.9 percent until the year 2009. The survey notes that some 39 percent of world businesses are seeking to add or integrate access control into their facility security plans, a move that the research company predicts will allow for market sales of $3.8 billion by 2007.

However, the research indicates that the growth will not be evenly delivered, and that "ever-changing market dynamics" will create "an uneven growth pattern in the industry." The research points largely to growth areas in biometric systems and proximity based systems.

The full research isn't cheap (try $1,600.00), but those with big pockets can get the full report, which includes more complete market- and product-specific statistical information from RNCOS via There's also a free executive summary at that link for those who want a little more information without springing for the entire research.