L-3 Receives $33 Million Explosives Detection System Order

L-3 Communications Security & Detection has received a $33 million order from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for the company's eXaminer 3DX explosives detection systems.

"L-3 has worked closely with the TSA, airports and airlines to understand the most important features that are needed to make EDS more efficient and effective," said Allen Barber, president of L-3 Security & Detection Systems, in a statement to the media. "The high throughput capability of the eXaminer is one of the key features that airports and airlines have requested."

The system can handle 600 bags per hour, and can even scan lengthy oversized baggage like skis and golf club that are up to 100 inches in length. Like many of today's newer products, the eXaminer can be securely networked so that images can be evaluated across a network.

More than 500 of L-3's explosive detections systems have been deployed, and currently, L-3 is one of only two in-line systems for screening baggage that have been approved by the TSA.