CCAT San Diego Awards Grants to New Security Technologies

The Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technology (CCAT) in San Diego, funded by the Department of Defense, has awarded grants to a variety of researchers, including those at three companies and a university to develop detection technologies that can be applied to security, military and commercial sectors.

Grant recipients included San Diego State University's Dr. William Tong, for his work in using laser waves to detect explosives and/or dirty bombs. Tong was granted $75,000 to develop his product, which offers high sensitivity in a portable design.

Daylight Solutions of Poway, Calif., also received $75,000 to develop a "portable molecular detection and imaging systems" to detect explosives, drugs and harmful gasses. This design also uses laser technology

Hoboken, N.J.-based Armadar LLC received $75,000 in funding for its palm-sized TW-LODAR system. The system uses low-power, radio frequency signals to detect human or large animal motion through walls and other non-metal barriers.

San Francisco's Acceleron Technologies also received on of CCAT's product development awards for solutions it is creating that merge GPS technology and mechanical motion detection to give a distinct, accurate positioning. The idea on the company's technology is that it could be used to continue to locate the person carrying the device, even when the GPS connection is blocked.