Coast Guard Director of Maritime Domain Awareness Offers Thoughts on Maritime Security

Jeffrey High, director of MDA, says security must remain a top priority, asset tracking issues and surveillance are key to good maritime security through the Coast Guard

NOAA is actively involved with the Coast Guard in the international and national AIS standards setting activities. These national and international standards coupled with the AIS two-way communications system offers opportunities to NOAA as well. With the development of a NOAA Voluntary Observing Ship (VOS) automated data collection system, the AIS enabled NDBC buoys and coastal stations will be capable of receiving environmental measurement data from vessels that are participating in the VOS program. The data captured through AIS Data Link will be transmitted to the NDBC Data Assembly Center for quality control processing and release to the NOAA operational Data Stream. With additional modest technical development, NOAA will be able to transmit environmental information, safety and regulatory -related messages and warnings to ships within radio range of NDBC stations through the AIS Vessel Data Link.

... With asset tracking, complete coverage and an integrated, state-of-the market communications network, the Coast Guard will be better positioned to identify and quickly respond to threats to maritime safety and security."