Teilhard Technologies completes purchase of Secure Group

CALGARY -- Teilhard Technologies today announced their acquisition of Secure Group, a Canadian based systems security company. "We are very excited about the purchase of Secure Group as it allows us to offer a new level of service to clients using the JuxtaComm product for transformation of data," said Rod Peterson, President of Teilhard.

As one of the top system security companies in Canada, Secure Group's specialties include systems security audits and assessments, distributed intrusion detection systems, corporate firewall management, encryption and VPN technologies. The company sets itself apart from its competitors by providing a high-level of personal service from development to implementation and beyond.

"In North America the security market is highly competitive, yet there is a severe shortage of true network security experts. Once outside North America, system security experts are very rare indeed," advises Randy Walinga, Co-Founder of Secure Group. "Teilhard's existing presence in foreign markets will give us the competitive advantage to take the Secure Group technology global," he adds.

The Teilhard and Secure Group technologies combine to provide best of breed solutions for integration software and systems security. Organizations faced with implementing measures in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act or ensuring HIPAA compliance can now turn to Teilhard Technologies for the solution.

Walinga will head up the Internet Security Division, which will continue to operate as Secure Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Teilhard Technologies. Sean Walinga and the rest of Secure Group's employees will continue to service clients and lead the effort to integrate the security system into Teilhard's service offering.