Lowry Computer Products to Invest in RFID

Lowry Computer Products, a provider of RFID, wireless, bar code and data collection solutions, announced a major expansion of its RFID (radio frequency identification) offering.

Lowry said it plans to invest $2 million in R&D, equipment, facilities, people and training to position the company in the arena of RFID technology for tracking products throughout the supply chain.

Paragon Labeling Systems, a division of Lowry Computer Products, recently released an Encode & Apply automated labeling system. The system encodes EPC (Electronic Product Code) smart labels and applies them to shipping cases and pallets.

Lowry also invested in RFID inlay insertion equipment for its label conversion facility, Lowry Labeling. The new system, purchased from a leading European manufacturer, enables Lowry to manufacture millions of smart labels and offer labels through a "service bureau" arrangement for customers requiring a quick turnaround on encoded smart label orders.

Procter & Gamble worked with Lowry on two EPC pilot programs with their key retail partners.

"We are well positioned to fulfill EPC pilot requirements and rollout programs for customers," said Mike Lowry, President and CEO of Lowry Computer Products.

"In the case of P&G, we've had a successful long term arrangement supplying their SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) compliant bar code labels for cases and pallets, and now it's a matter of expanding the product data and transitioning it to an electronic format."