Narita Airport Asks for Stronger Security for Cargo Areas

Narita International Airport Corp., in Narita, Japan, has asked airline companies to reinforce security to prevent intruders from breaking into aircraft parking areas from cargo areas, airport officials said Friday.

The operator of Narita, the world's second-busiest airport in cargo handling, has requested that the number of security guards be increased and more security cameras be installed.

The move came after the U.S. Transportation Security Administration cited the possibility of intrusion after inspecting the airport, outside of Tokyo.

Entering aircraft parking areas requires an entry permit, but transportation company employees are allowed to enter adjacent cargo hold areas via gates watched by security guards making rounds of visits.

The Narita airport authority has suggested that each gate be monitored by a security guard, gate opening hours be minimized, and gates also be monitored by cameras and infrared sensors. Airlines say they plan to meet the requests by year-end.

Hong Kong International Airport has outpaced Narita as the busiest cargo-handling airport in the world since 1986.