Abduction from Wal-Mart Lot Raises Concerns on Parking Lot Security

Monitoring of parking lot cameras recommended as a priority

When Deanna Francis reached the car and noticed the gun, she told Basham to go inside Wal-Mart for the directions. He walked away.

Now Francis always talks to someone on her cell phone when walking to or from her car, just in case something happens, she said.

"People are oblivious in parking lots," McGoey said. "They might open the trunk unaware of what is behind them, and that kind of thing is the essence of a carjacking. The victims almost always say 'I didn't see him coming.'"

Francis said she never noticed Basham until it was too late.

In addition to their convictions in the Donovan case, Basham and Fulks are accused of carjacking 19-year-old Samantha Burns in a West Virginia parking lot and killing her. Burns parents said that incident was not recorded on video because the mall in Huntington, W.Va., had no cameras.

Video evidence at Basham's trial showed him carjacking Donovan in a manner similar to what McGoey described.

He got into Donovan's car just after she pulled into a parking space, held her at gunpoint and forced her to drive.

Basham faces the death penalty in that case. Jurors will begin deliberating his sentence Oct. 12.