General Physics Corporation Selected to Support Homeland Security for Glades County, Florida

Global performance improvement solutions provider General Physics Corporation (GP), a subsidiary of GP Strategies Corporation (NYSE:GPX), will be developing a Courthouse Facility Continuity of Operations Plan and subsequent tabletop exercise for Glades County, Florida. GP has also been selected to conduct Homeland Security Training for first response agencies in Glades County.

Glades County has previously developed continuity plans for its law enforcement, fire, and emergency management agencies. The Continuity of Operations Plan that GP will develop will help ensure minimal impact to the on-going operations of Glades County government should a catastrophic disaster occur. "Glades County Emergency Management, the overseeing agency of this project, is continuing a history of being proactive in the preparedness efforts for its jurisdiction," states Shane Stovall, Chief of Planning and Mitigation for the Homeland Security and Emergency Management section of GP.

GP will also develop a tabletop exercise to test and review the aspects of the new Continuity and Operations Plan for Glades County. This exercise will include first response agencies and top County officials, and provide an opportunity for them to review and act out their roles according to the new Plan. As part of the project, GP will also conduct a series of Homeland Security training courses for both traditional first responders and non-traditional first responders, such as public works and utilities personnel. "We are excited to have the General Physics Homeland Security and Emergency Management Team working on this project with us. The end result is going to be beneficial to us and the preparedness efforts of Glades County," stated Ken Howard, Emergency Management Director of Glades County, Florida.