Lenexa, Ks., Approves Two Alarm Fee Ordinances

The Lenexa City Council is hoping to simplify the city's alarm fee codes, while reducing the workload of city staff.

The council on Tuesday approved the amending of two alarm fee ordinances.

Home and business owners of new alarm systems currently do not pay a fine during the first 30 days of operation unless more than six false alarms are recorded. Lenexa staff recommended that the city change the grace period to a three alarm limit. They argue that the change would allow homes and businesses to adjust to their new alarm while decreasing the amount of time city staff spends responding to false alarms. The change is also more consistent with other area cities.

After the grace period, patrons would be fined $100 for the next three false alarms, $150 for fourth through sixth false alarms, $200 for the seventh through ninth false alarms and $250 for the 10th and subsequent false alarms.

The staff also recommends that the city charge a $15 flat fee for new alarm permits. Processing prorating fees requires a significant amount time, and only produces minimal return.

Lenexa also will discontinue the distribution of nearly 3,000 alarm stickers used to identify registered alarm users and certificates in order to save costs. After discussions with the Police Department, city staff determined that the stickers serve little purpose. And it is believed that the absence of a sticker could possibly make a property vulnerable to burglaries.

Overall, the city staff emphasized the need for alarm users to be registered, which provides responders with the necessary contact information in the event of an emergency.