Store Security Guard's Diligence Leads to Arrest of Fugitive

Escaped fugitive Samuel Price, whose last known address was in Washington Park, in Belleville, Ill., went into the Foot Locker store at 24th and State streets about 5:10 p.m.

A security guard there, Anthony Loveless, who is also an East St. Louis city jailer, recognized Price, even though he had shaved his head.

Loveless said he kept out of Price's sight and asked a sales clerk to let him use his cell phone. Loveless made a 911 call to the police station.

"I asked the dispatcher to send an unmarked police car so it wouldn't spook the guy," he said. East St. Louis Detective Ricky Perry and Officer Juan Fowler responded to the call. "Detective Perry told Fowler to go around the corner and wait for his cue," Loveless said.

After inquiring about the price of the shoes, Price walked out of the store and went to a back alley. Perry followed him. Loveless went to the front of the store and Fowler went down State Street.

Price pulled a weapon from his waistband, East St. Louis Deputy Chief of Police Rudy McIntosh said.

"One of the officers fired several shots, but no one was struck. And after a short foot pursuit, we were able to arrest him," McIntosh said.

Price was driving a stolen blue, four-door Oldsmobile.

The St. Clair County state's attorney's office had issued a $50,000 warrant on Aug. 23 for his arrest for a probation violation," McIntosh said.

Price was wanted for escaping from police after leading authorities on a chase into St. Louis on Labor Day after he was spotted driving a stolen vehicle.

McIntosh had recommended that officers Officer Darlene Folwer and Beverly Miles be disciplined in connection with Price's escape.