Airport May Check More Backgrounds

Background checks will be revisited at tonight's Scottsdale Airport Advisory Commission meeting.

Last fall, Commissioner Phil Vickers pushed for background checks to increase airport security. Scottsdale Airport Director Scott Gray said Vickers' request was rejected by Scottsdale police as not being feasible because of its scope. Vickers has since modified his recommendation to target only certain off-airport workers, such as plane washers.

"So we're now looking for a commission consensus to have staff work with the Scottsdale Police Department to come up with the pros and cons and costs of doing additional background checks at our airport," Gray said.

Currently, background checks are required of city personnel and fixed base operators. Gray said if a plan is developed, it would still have to be acted upon by the Scottsdale City Council.

The Scottsdale Airport Advisory Commission meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the main terminal at Scottsdale Airport, 15000 N. Airport Drive. The public is welcome.