Netmarks to Sell Thin-Client Biometric ID Software

TOKYO, Dec 2 Asia Pulse - Netmarks Inc. (TSE:3713) has developed software to add biometric identification functions to thin-client systems.

The company made its biometrics identification SecureSuite XS software so that it operates together with Presentation Server, a thin-client system software sold by U.S. Citrix Systems Inc.

SecureSuite XS makes it possible to confirm the identity of a system user with various biometric identification technologies, including fingerprint, finger vein pattern and iris identification.

Thin clients do not have hard-disk drives and thus the risk of an information leak is minimal even if a terminal is lost or stolen. The use of biometric identification with such a system will further enhance security by guarding against unauthorized system access.

The cost for the software will be about 10,000 yen (US$84) per user. Netmarks will aim for sales of about 100 million yen in the current fiscal year.


02-12 1446

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