Jakarta Requires CCTV Systems in High-Rise Buildings

Jakarta Metropolitan Police chief Inspector General Firman Gani has issued a regulation requiring owners of high-rise buildings and vital objects to instal close circuit television (CCTV) in the buildings to increase security.

The regulation, a copy of which was received here on Friday, is effective as of the day it was signed namely on November 30.

Buildings that are required to install a CCTV system are hotels, apartments, shopping malls, office buildings and shopping centers. The regulation does not specifically mention the vital objects covered by the regulation.

Building managers and owners are responsible for the installation and operation of the system and are required to report the installation of the system to the nearest police station.

The CCTVs must be installed in places in and outside the buildings considered susceptible to security problems.

The Jakarta police chief in the regulation also requires owners of those premises to submit their CCTV records in case the police need them investigation purposes.

Police will act against those who are against the regulation, it states.

It says the move is made in anticipation of terror acts ahead of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Jakarta is one of the targets of bombings in the past including the blast in front of the Philippine Ambassador's resident, Hotel JW Marriot and the Australian embassy.