Major Anti-Terrorist Barricade System Now in Place at Sydney Harbour

SYDNEY, Nov 19 AAP - Anti-terrorist barriers capable of stopping a speeding truck have been installed at Sydney's cruise ship terminal as part of a multi-million dollar upgrade of NSW ports. Premier Morris Iemma today unveiled the Anti-Terrorist Barricade Defence System, which is capable of stopping a truck travelling at 80kph from getting past the guard post at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay. The barriers, which cost $460,000 each, are part of the government's four-year $23.4 million security upgrade of the state's ports announced recently. The barriers lie flat in the road until activated. When activated, they spring up at a 45 degree angle in less than two seconds, blocking vehicles from passing through the port's entry. The installation of the barriers coincides with the start of Sydney's busy international cruise ship season, with about 90 vessels expected to come in to port over the summer months. "We have some 156,000 visitors coming with cruise ships to Sydney and it is important that we provide them and the public that are here with protection," Mr Iemma said. "These barricades are able to demobilise a speeding truck and provide that security in and around the port." Ports Minister Eric Roozendaal said extra closed circuit TV cameras, security patrols and exclusion zones had also been put place. "We take our port security very seriously," he said. But Mr Iemma would not say whether the cruise ship terminal was under direct threat. "I can't enter into a discussion on that," he said. "... we've upgraded our ports security on the basis there is a threat to the security of this nation." AAP ved/apm

<<AAP News -- 11/21/05>>