SafetyCare Forms Authorized Partner Program

SafetyCare, a company that offers a variety of health and safety services, including alarm monitoring, fire/smoke/carbon monoxide monitoring, health/safety alerts, two-way voice interaction, health crisis monitoring, and more, has formed an authorized partner program to align with independent security dealers.

The company's primary service is monitoring service that extends well beyond simple alarm verification and law enforcement notification. SafetyCare keeps nurses and emergency personnel on staff at their monitoring stations, and is able to deal with health issues.

"SafetyCare is the only company in the United States, and possibly the world, incorporating home safety and security monitoring with other critical services, such as family counseling and health care support," said SafetyCare President and CEO Glenn Fischer, who claims that home security systems "by themselves" are obsolete.

Fischer added that dealers who sign onto the program will be supported with "extensive marketing materials and multi-media tools."

According to Peter Giacalone, dealers who become Authorized partners will not have to change their current business model, but will be able to offer additional services through SafetyCare.

He added that dealers who sign onto the program will remain autonomous, and that they will simply presents the systems as "monitored by SafetyCare."

As part of the agreement, SafetyCare will distribute sales leads to its authorized partners, and will offer wholesale monitoring services, running on a GE MAS central station platform.

SafetyCare is online at