ADT Unveils New Offerings for Health Monitoring

Security has everything to do with health.

At least that's the case with ADT Security Services. The company is debuting its ADT WellHealth monitoring services today and tomorrow in Washington, D.C., as part of the White House Conference on Aging.

The WellHealth monitoring solutions allows for digital devices to be monitored much like a security system. The company noted in an announcement on the new systems that the WellHealth system can monitor everything from medication usage to a patient's vital signs and even "health behaviors".

The line of services includes MediHealth, VitalHealth and ManageHealth, which focus on medications, vital signs and the health lifestyle, respectively. The services, which are available 24/7, also can call for immediate medical attention from health professionals if needed.

Numerous solutions have entered the health monitoring arena in recent years, from stand-alone stations that monitor basic vital signs and weight. Healthcare providers have advocated the daily monitoring, adding that the proactive review of one's health can help motivate patients to manage their health wisely. The systems have proven popular for those fighting the rising costs of healthcare, especially hospitalized care.

ADT WellHealth Director Michael Lynch said that the company's health monitoring services were developed with this cost reduction in mind.