Guards Discover Surveillance Equipment at Kidman House

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - Detectives are investigating an electronic listening device that was allegedly planted outside Nicole Kidman's Sydney mansion, police said.

The device was found near a security car that was monitoring Kidman's home from the street, chief bodyguard Neil McMaster told Sydney's The Daily Telegraph for its Tuesday edition.

He said he believed the device was intended to intercept conversations among the actress and her bodyguards.

McMaster said surveillance footage taken from the house provided ``conclusive evidence'' that the device had been intentionally planted.

The bug was apparently discovered when security officers searched the house early Sunday in preparation for Kidman's return to film her new movie, ``Eucalyptus.''

Police were called and seized the device for forensic examination, a News South Wales state police spokeswoman said on the usual condition of anonymity.

If identified, the eavesdropper could be charged with illegal use of a telecommunications device and trespassing.

The 37-year-old actress won a best-actress Oscar for her role in 2002's ``The Hours.''