Australia Boosts Security at Westoac Stadium for Cricket Match

Wire fencing was put up at the ground yesterday segregating the drinking and non-drinking areas, with officials hoping this will allow police and security guards to keep a closer eye on rowdy spectators.

Australian team manager Steve Bernard yesterday attended a security briefing with New Zealand Cricket officials, match officials, local police and security officers.

"We are satisfied that the issue of crowd behaviour . . . is being taken seriously and that security arrangements are being reviewed," he said. "A more comprehensive strategy has been put in place that we hope will prevent any repeat of the incidents that marred Saturday's game at Eden Park."

Ten spectators were arrested during the match while 40 were evicted.

Play was stopped four times throughout New Zealand's innings, with pitch invaders and a streaker evading security officers.

Black Caps captain Daniel Vettori hopes the issue is resolved.

"I think NZ Cricket's gone out of its way to rectify the problem and I hope there will be no issues at the stadium. I hope Australia enjoy its time on the field and doesn't have to put up with any hassles," he said.