Colombian Port Blast Kills Security Guard, Blamed on Drug Gangs

DRUG smugglers have been linked to an explosion in the Colombian port of Buenaventura that killed at least one security guard and left two officials missing, writes Rainbow Nelson in Barranquilla .

The explosion, investigators said, was most likely to be retaliation against anti-narcotics police for a 3,248 kilo haul of cocaine seized earlier this month.

Up to 16 coast guard, army and navy officials and private security guards were injured.

A small wooden canoe used by local fishermen was used in the attack.

Those injured in the blast were part of the security and firefighting force that was drawn to the boat to investigate a blaze.

As they attempted to extinguish the fire they realised the canoe was loaded with explosives.

Buenaventura is the most important port for exports such as coffee.